• Appeal: Construction Work in Progress…

    Appeal: Construction Work in Progress…

    Noor Sabah Jaafer and her siblings lost their father in a terror attack in April 2014, as many of you may remember from our previous issues. As a result of this tragedy the family lost not only their father, but also their income and home. Consequently all four of them were forced to live in a single room, which was nothing more than a kitchen of a mosque.

    Previously we made a desperate appeal to raise money to build them a new home on a small plot of land that had been generously given to the family by a donor. By God’s grace and thanks to all your kind donations we were able to raise £8,700 of the £13,000 total required for this project. Though construction work was able to begin, it has since come to a halt due to insufficient funds.

    We only need another £4,300 in order for the construction to continue unto its completion, finally giving the Jaafer family a decent place to live. We know that with your help we can reach this target. Please donate generously and give the family a roof of their own before the harsh winter months arrive.

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