• Clothes collection

    Clothes collection

    We are very grateful for all the people who have donated their unwanted clothes, in the past couple of weeks we received huge amounts of unwanted clothes, which shows the kind-heartedness and generosity of the people. We now have a large amount of clothes and it is still increasing every day. To be able to sort through all of these clothes, we need volunteers to come in and join the weekly sorting group to get the clothes ready to send off. This shipment is going to the families who have been displaced from their homes in Tal Afar and are seeking refuge in other cities.

    As you’re all aware, shipping costs are not little, and therefore we also need help with shipping costs.

    If you would like to help by sending financial gifts to the displaced families this is also possible.

    If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions please call the office on 02082041167

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