• Honouring Lady Fatima a.s.

    Honouring Lady Fatima a.s.

    A well-known saying of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him):

    “Fatima is an integral part of me and whoever annoys her will also annoy me”

    Sahih el-Bukhari, Book 62, Saying (Hadith) 64

    We offer our condolences on the occasion of the martyrdom (shahadah) of the Lady of Light, Sayeda Fatima (a.s), leader of all women of the world. Lady Fatima (a.s) is the mother of 11 imams, and she is a lady whom we eternally revere.

    Her stay in this world was far too short, but throughout her short life demonstrated a principled stand and love for the good to the highest possible degree.

    From tending to the Prophet (her father) (AS), who endured intrigues and wrath of Islam’s enemies, to becoming the loyal spouse of the governor of believers (Amir el-Mumineen), while finally standing up for her legitimate rights when the land of Fadak was seized.

    Lady Fatima (a.s) always chose to pass her wealth and assets to the needy and dispossessed, including orphans, leaving just enough for her children.

    She made sure that her offspring would stand up against oppression and injustice, always abiding by Allah’s Commands and Guidance. Coupled with all that, she ensured that her night-time prayers were adequately and timely performed.

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