• Thank You from Ahmad Najat Ali

    Thank You from Ahmad Najat Ali

    Allow me to start this letter with warm greetings,noting emphatically that you are among the dearest people on Earth to my heart, beginning with your local representative Hajj Hashem, right up to all those working at your graceful organisation, as well as the donors who make all this charitable giving possible. Words of thanks are not sufficient to express my gratitude

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  • Happy Birthday to Ameer!

    Happy Birthday to Ameer!

    One of our sponsors decided to hold a special lunch for their sponsored orphan, Ameer’s birthday! The NOF office in Najaf invited another 4 families for lunch and a play at one of the best restaurants in the city. Among the invited families were those who suffered a great deal from domestic violence and other

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  • Good  News Story!

    Good News Story!

    At the young age of 17, Abbas sustained an eye injury from an exposed tree branch. After two failed eye operations, he lost vision in his left eye. Noor Orphans Fund took Abbass to Zainab Al-Kubra Surgical Centre, where he was assessed by doctors and advised to have lens replacement surgery. As a result of

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  • 2018 News

    2018 News

    As the present calendar year draws to a close, our donors, friends and supporters will be please to know that much work has been done so far this year, including holding our annual Gala dinner, increase in the monthly allowance granted to our sponsored orphans, enlisting many new orphans under our umbrella, a successful hajj-niyaba

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