• Gala Dinner 2014

    Gala Dinner 2014

    After months of planning and hard work, once again, with the help of Allah (swt), Noor Orphans Fund hosted their annual Fundraising Gala Dinner – turning into yet another success.
    We must therefore start by sincerely thanking everyone who attended, from our hardworking team of volunteers to the kind donors, may Allah (swt) shower his blessings on each and everyone. The blessed proceeds from the event will, as always, be responsibly spent on the less fortunate of us – our beloved Orphans.

    The program started with an introductory presentation by Dr. Dhuha Jabbar about the Noor Orphans Fund, giving a deeper insight upon whom we are and what we do as a charity. It also gave a clearer insight about whom we are targeting with our help, and most importantly, how that help is achieved.

    The introductory talk was followed by a small talk by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli, covering the importance of helping orphans, motiving us all to help the needy even more.

    At Maghreb time Jama’a (congregational) prayers were held in the upstairs hall followed by the enjoyable three course iftar meal.
    Brother Ahmed Jabbar hosted the auction in which many various items were sold, ranging from art pieces to a Signed Liverpool stadium sign and football, and jewellery sets. The auction was a success raising a significant amount of money from other items including a handmade set of painted candles and glass plate. The biggest contribution came from a 200 years old antique silver box, raising a significant £3000!

    There was a children’s hall where the children under 12 were looked after by a team of volunteers.
    The children were kept entertained by various activities and games and were served a separate delicious meal.

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