Noor Orphans Fund procures its funds through a variety of means, including general donations from the public, specific orphan sponsorships undertaken by good-doers, in addition to other channels.

We organise fund-raising events from time to time, including major gala dinners. Over the past 15 years, we have held our gala dinners on an annual basis, and they have all registered remarkable successes. In general, some 350 to 500 guests have attended each of our gala events in recent years.

In addition, Noor has been authorised by the highest religious authority   to receive religious dues (huqooq), while we frequently embark on certain other activities that help to contribute to our budget. These activities include ‘Niyaba’ services for hajj, umra and ziyarat, whereby our agents perform these tasks on behalf of those who find it difficult or impossible to carry them out in person, due to ill-health, high cost, logistics or other factors.

We also hold seminars and educational courses for the benefit of the wider community. Occasionally, we issue certain pertinent publications, such as our calendar which is currently for three whole years: 2019, 2020, and 2021. This wall-mounted document contains a whole raft of information including prayer timetables, sayings of the Prophet and Imams, notable dates for the birth and passing-away of the Prophet and Imams, besides much else.

As a UK-registered charity, Noor enjoys the usual tax privileges of charities, and this constitutes a welcome boost to our finances. In the case of those who are UK tax-payers and make donations to us, we are able to claim back the basic rate of tax paid on the sums of their donations.

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