how we cover our costs

orphans in front door

Thanks to you we have made huge differences to the lives of thousands of orphans and widows in Iraq over the last twenty years. Since 2001, we have aided over 10,000 orphaned children through sponsorship, education, healthcare, clothes, house building and other urgent needs.

NOF is an entirely independent organisation which relies purely on donations. Our current structure has restricted our development and progression as we aim to span our reach across the globe. We have huge aspirations to do more and are striving towards a future where children and other vulnerable groups can be independent and have the ability to sustain themselves.

With your help therefore, we would like to increase our campaigns and activities which will require more investment in research, hiring professionals to implement our strategic and logistical vision, as well as crucial administrative support. We will also invest to efficiently communicate with our donors, developing much needed IT systems. Enabling a charity to function effectively in order to perform its function of serving humanity is no different to helping an orphan in need. Consequently, up to 25p per pound will be allocated to successfully implement the exciting vision of the organisation and a brighter future for those in need.

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can and will change lives.