Noor Orphans Fund (NOF) launched its Medical and Urgent Relief Fund in 2017. The fund is specifically designed to deliver urgent aid whenever and wherever it is needed.

Expenses Covered Through the Fund

  • Urgent Medical operations
  • Medicine including nappies and milk for babies
  • Urgent household expenses e.g. broken roof, leaks etc…
  • Funeral expenses
  • Anything else which is considered urgent

Examples of Children We Have Helped Through This Fund



12-year-old Zainab had been suffering for a long time from Constrictive Pericarditis. She was unable to function properly, even in the most basic everyday tasks. A keen and bright student, Zainab is determined to fulfil her dream of becoming a lawyer due to her love of justice.
Zainab’s family and our representative in Kirkuk managed to raise some money for her operation and along with donations raised from our Urgent Relief Fund during our Arbaeen 
#walk4ororphans2017 campaign, she has had the operation and is now recovering very well.



Ayitaam, lives in Shamiah – Najaf with her mother and younger brother. The roof on their house was in a terrible state. Constructed out of metal and palm tree wood, it was vulnerable to collapse at any moment.

Through the emergency fund, NOF was able to save their lives against potential disaster by building a new roof made of a sandwich panel, which also provides insulation against excessively hot and cold temperatures.