NOF - NCEE - Front View

Our Vision

We aim to provide effective education for everyone, regardless of race, gender or religion. Our mission is to support orphans through the most difficult period in their lives by providing the right opportunities to help build their future. Our goal is to also support both orphans and widows by offering trauma counselling and encouraging them to gain useful skills that will help provide for their families.

The Noor Centre For Educational Excellence Will Consist Of:

2 Primary and Secondary Schools

Orphans in Iraq are especially at risk of facing poverty throughout their entire lives.  Girls either don’t go to school at all, or leave at the tender age of nine. Boys don’t usually get much more – often leaving at the age of 11 to find a job to support their families. These schools will promote effective learning with a focus on preparing students for life in a competitive and globalised world.

Vocational Training Centre

Millions of widows and families struggle throughout Iraq due to a lack of education and training, hindering them from working. Orphan children who have not attended school or who may not be academically inclined can benefit from this training by equipping themselves with valuable skills in various fields, such as IT, Home Economics and Construction just to name a few. This unique training facility will enable orphans and widows to gain practical skills, which will help them to work and provide for their families and communities.

Wellness Centre

Children in Iraq are witnessing a total collapse of the economy, sectarian violence, family breakdowns and gut-wrenching poverty. In fact, The Brussels Tribunal has found 46.8% of the studied population of children in Iraq face grave health issues such as psychological and mental disorders. According to the UN World Health Organisation (WHO), the fourth leading cause of morbidity among Iraqi civilians older than the age of five is ‘mental disorders’ – ranking even higher than infectious disease. The Wellness Centre will serve as a healing environment, where orphans and widows suffering from these types of devastation and trauma will be provided with much needed therapy.

Prayer and Multipurpose Halls

The Prayer and Multipurpose Hall will be a peaceful, relaxing haven for students and teachers to come and perform their prayers away from the hustle and bustle of the school buildings. They will also be able to use the room to read Quran and meditate to find calm and strengthen their spirituality.


Q1: Where will the school be located?

A: The school will be in Karbala, a city located in central Iraq. It’s a place of deep significance and visitors to this location number more than 40 million per year. We were fortunate to be given some partially donated land in this city in an area with rampant poverty and in proximity to where a lot of our orphans already live. Karbala is also the location of our largest office in Iraq. We currently have over 600 sponsored orphans (our highest number in any one city) in Karbala and are fortunate to have many dedicated resources in this area, which will help with a project of this size.

Q2: How will the process for hiring teachers work?

A: A stringent application process will be put in place to hire teachers.  Recruitment will only be confirmed following a series of interviews, thorough background checks as well as robust evidence of their ability to teach effectively to prepare children in the best way possible. Continuous training for teachers will be mandatory to improve their skills. We are also keen to advertise abroad to give people the opportunity to teach English as well as other subjects in Iraq.

Q3: How many students will each class have?

A: Each class will have approximately 20 students to maximise efficient learning – with a maximum of 30 students. The average class size in government run schools in Iraq is approximately 50-60 and we strongly believe this is not conducive to effective learning.

Q4: How is this school different?

A: In addition to the standard curriculum which is taught in Iraq, the added differentiator in our school will be a focus on learning English, computer skills and physical education, among other areas.

Q5: Will there be any extra-curricular activities for students to participate in?

A: The school will provide a host of extra-curricular activities as we hope this will strongly enhance the learning of the pupils and encourage them to enjoy their time at school and view it in a very positive, life changing way.
The activities we will offer are subject to change but the following is a sample:
- Sports (i.e. Football, Mixed Martial Arts, Multi-sports, Gymnastics and more)
- Art (Painting, Drama and Nasheed club)
- Homework Club (Math, Science, English)
- Computer club
- Poetry club

Q6: Will there be regular inspections?

A: Yes. We are required by the local authorities to have regular inspections every three months. We will also conduct internal audits to ensure the quality of standards we have set for the school are being regularly met.

Q7: How will construction roll out?

A: Construction of the school will happen in the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Primary School – This will include 7 phases

o   Foundation

o   Ground Floor (classrooms, canteen, library)

o   1st Floor (classrooms, science lab, computer room)

o   2nd Floor (classrooms)

o   3rd Floor (sports hall, workshops)

o   Rooftops, playgrounds and external corridor

o   Finishing and furnishing

  • Stage 2: Vocational Training and Wellness Centre
  • Stage 3: Prayer and Multi-Purpose Hall

Stage 4: Secondary School

Q8: How will sponsors be kept updated?

A: As a sponsor, you will have access to your orphans’ records through a special student portal. This will allow you to check their progress as they continue to develop academically.

Q9: How can I help?

A: There are so many ways to get involved and make a difference! You can help by organising fundraising events, such as sports tournaments, charity walks, marathons and many more. You can also volunteer and give us your time to support this project. Help us spread the word and raise awareness about this great cause as well and as always, make please pray for the success and reward granted by the Almighty for the donors, volunteers and all those who help in any way – and for the continued success of this project.

Q10: Why Join us?

A: Living in the West, it’s often difficult to connect to the orphans in Iraq who desperately need our help.  We don’t usually see them, visit their homes or take time to find out exactly what their needs are.  At Noor Orphans Fund, we can be the bridge for you to help them – and to help you take care of your moral and religious responsibility. You can be assured in the knowledge that every penny you donate will go towards the orphans and the school we are building. Please help us light up their lives, and educate them towards a more hopeful future!