• The Increase in Sponsorhsip

    The Increase in Sponsorhsip

    Due to the drastic increase in the cost of living in Iraq, and the pressure to provide for the needs of orphans and families, our representatives in the country have requested that we increase the monthly sponsorship fee to £20 a month. Although this does not cover the needs or costs of an orphan, it will be good support and assistance given the difficult circumstances.

    If you are a sponsor and haven’t done so already, we urge you to contact your bank to increase your standing order to £20 a month, or to do this via Paypal or JustGiving if you are currently sponsoring through those platforms. You sponsors are the backbone of the Noor Orphans Fund and we’re convinced that you’ll understand that to ensure that we continue to supply the orphans with a meaningful amount this increase is necessary. The orphans need your help to survive – they have no one else to support them.

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