• A New Sadaqa Box

    A New Sadaqa Box

    Noor Orphans Fund is proud to announce that we have designed a brand new sadaqa box to replace the old one. Resplendent in pastel shades, with pictures of orphans and with illustrations of where your sadaqa goes and what it’s used for, we’ve gone out of our way to make the sadaqa a box an attractive addition to any coffee table or shop counter.

    For a free sadaqa box please contact us on 020 8204 1167 or email us at info@noororphansfund.org with your name and address, and we’ll have one sent to you. You are free to order as many as you like, for yourself and your friends and family, but please make sure that every box you order will be going to somewhere where it will be used. We want to make sure we can get as much sadaqa for the orphans of Iraq as possible. When the box is full you can send the sadaqa to us, either by physically bringing the box to our offices, or by bank transfer, following the instructions on the bottom of the box.

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