• A Successful Gala Dinner

    A Successful Gala Dinner

    On the 21st of May months of preparation came to a head as we held our annual Gala Dinner for the twelfth consecutive year. It was a very dramatic evening and the proceedings were opened by Ahlulbayt TV’s very own Muhammed Ali Carter who was our Master of Ceremonies for the night. He introduced revered reciter Jalal Ma’soomi to the stage who treated us all to some beautiful recitations from the Holy Qur’an, as well nasheeds in a number of languages, including Arabic, Persian and even Spanish! The audience were truly enrapt as his dulcet tones resonated through the hall.

    The keynote speech was given by Mohammed Daya, CEO of Syncoms. He spoke at length on the motivation people had to give to charity and the importance of supporting orphans, getting the audience to engage with each other. Ali Ridha Jaffar then took to the stage to host the pledges and charity auction. Punctuated by a short emotional video and a moving speech by Sheikh Mohammed al-Hilli about his experiences meeting the orphans in Karbala, Ali Ridha really got the crowd giving. Alhamdulillah, at the end of it all we raised over £110,000 for the orphans, which will be used to build four houses for orphaned families in desperate need of adequate living conditions. Read more about the Noor Orphans Fund Housing Project here!

    We’d like to extend a big thank you to all those who participated in the Gala Dinner this year. To the speakers and organisers, to the volunteers who worked so tirelessly to make sure the event ran smoothly, and most of all to all of you who attended and donated so generously. Thank you, on behalf of Noor Orphans Fund and the orphans of Iraq whom we are all here to serve.

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