• An Orphan’s Story

    An Orphan’s Story

    Hussain Abd al-Jabbar told us about the hardships he has faced:

    “My father fell ill and returned to his Lord, leaving my mother behind, mournful and with tears in her eyes. She lamented her luck, at a loss as to how to provide for five girls and two boys on welfare benefits of 300,000 Iraqi dinars (£190) every three months. In times of desperation my country just passed her by. The high living costs, as well as those of education, led by big brother Ali to take responsibility for the family and he began to work in order to support all of us, but this meant his studies were affected and he began to fail in his classes. Despite this he continues to persevere to achieve his certificates and he’s now in the third year of secondary school.

    “We live in a small house with my mother’s family and we reply on help from our neighbours to get clothes and food.

    “Despite the fact that I was five when my father passed away, I would still look at other children and wish that I had a father like they did, someone who would play with me and buy me new clothes. Whenever I feel the extent of the poverty we live in I think yes: ‘Yes, if only I had a father, now that our lives have reached such a state of deprivation, and we depend on old clothes and the sympathy of others…’

    “I want to grow up and work so that I can wipe away my mother’s tears, and those of my siblings, and see the smiles on their faces.

    “I pray for whoever remembers us, from anywhere in the world, that God has mercy on them and grants them sustenance when they least expect it, for they are the ones who sow smiles in our souls, making us feel that there is someone out there who feels connected to us.”

    There are thousands of orphans just like Hussain all over Iraq and every penny donated can make a difference. Please keep them in your thoughts – you can donate to help there here.

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