• Back to School – September Is Here!

    Back to School – September Is Here!

    September has arrived and the orphans of Iraq are preparing to go back to school, but for many of them it’s not so simple. Because of the terrible poverty into which the orphans are plunged, they can’t afford to buy basic school provisions such as uniforms and stationery. The schools will not let students attend unless they have the correct clothes, and so the orphans face exclusion from school. This is the beginning of a terrible cycle. Denied an education, the orphans have no chance of pulling themselves out of poverty and creating better futures for themselves. They become doomed to lives of deprivation.

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    We want to change that. Just £25 will pay for school clothes, stationery, notebooks and a school bag for an orphan at primary school for the entire academic year. Please help us support as many orphans as possible. With your help we can give them the hope of a brighter future, free of the poverty of their past. Donate now and help the orphans go back to school.

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