• Build a House for a Family of Eight Orphans

    Build a House for a Family of Eight Orphans

    As part of the House of Hope project, Noor Orphans Fund has been campaigning to build a house for the Jabbar family in Karbala. This family of eight orphans and one widow are living in the most dilapidated of conditions, laid low by their extreme poverty and on-going medical expenses. Three of the children – Ali, Muhammed and Muqtada – suffer from malformation of the genitourinary system and have needed a number of operations,, whilst their brother Hussain suffers from malformation of the knees and is also in need of operations. Their mother has accumulated a debt of 3 million Iraqi dinars in order to cover the cost of these operations and the family have been left completely destitute. They live in little more than a shack, almost completely unprotected from the harsh heat of summer, or the bitter cold of winter, and are constantly under the threat of eviction. A house of their own will allow them to be settled and give them the stability they need to begin building better lives for themselves.


    We’re delighted to say that our campaign has been very successful and we’re less than £3,000 away from our target of £20,000. The outpouring of generosity has been overwhelming and our hearts burst with gratitude to all those who have donated so far. We’re not far from reaching our target. When we do construction work can begin and this poor family can see their house begin to emerge. With your help we can definitely make it. Please visit our JustGiving campaign page and donate now. The Jabbar family need your help NOW!

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