• Day out in Baghdad

    Day out in Baghdad

    On the 8th of February our representative in Baghdad took 100 orphans to Al-Zawraa Park. This was a huge adventure day for the orphans; their mothers were also very excited about the trip since their children had never been to a park like this before. One of the mothers said that her son kept waking up in the middle of the night and asking if it was time to go.

    zawraa1The cost of the trip was covered by a generous donation. The donation was to be used either for a fun activity for the children or to buy them new clothes.  It was decided to use the donation to give the orphans a new experience with wonderful memories that will stay with them forever.  On the day of the trip the park manager dropped the entrance fees and the ride costs.  This was fantastic because it allowed our group of mothers and children to enjoy the park and all of the rides free of charge.

    Therefore the generous donation was spent on buying new clothes for the orphans as well as taking them on the trip, which made the experience even more special.

    The feedback from the mothers was very positive. For most of them, they had only ever heard of Al-Zawraa Park and have never had an opportunity or been able to go. The experience bought them so much joy as they were able to see the delight on their orphaned children’s faces, something that rarely happens and hadn’t happened in some time.

    The adventure day has proven that a small gesture goes a very long way; it was a huge success and has shown that providing the children with a happy experience is very important in helping them achieve a healthy childhood.

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