• Eid al-Adha

    Eid al-Adha

    We would like to wish a very happy Eid al-Adha Mubarak to you all. On this auspicious occasion we honour Prophet Ibrahim’s dedication and willingness to sacrifice that which was dearest to him, his son, for the sake of God. At this time we all try to show similar dedication by using our own wealth to slaughter sheep, distributing the meat amongst the poor and needy. At Noor Orphans Fund we took this opportunity to invite everyone to buy an udhhiyya (also known as qurbani), each costing £180, to feed the orphans and displaced families of Iraq. We’re very pleased to say that, by the grace of God, we’ve managed to raise over £2,000 in this campaign, feeding over 900 people. We thank you all form the bottom of our hearts, as do the orphans and displaced people whom you’ve helped to feed and whose sufferings you’ve eased.

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