• Good  News Story!

    Good News Story!

    At the young age of 17, Abbas sustained an eye injury from an exposed tree branch. After two failed eye operations, he lost vision in his left eye. Noor Orphans Fund took Abbass to Zainab Al-Kubra Surgical Centre, where he was assessed by doctors and advised to have lens replacement surgery. As a result of his long-time suffering, Abbas was emotionally distraught and initially did not want to do the surgery.

    The NOF team encouraged him and his family to save his eye. We’re happy to report that Abbas had the lens replacement surgery at Zainab Al-Kubra Surgical Centre via the NOF Medical and Emergency Relief Fund and his eye is in good health based on his latest check-up. NOF purchased prescription glasses for Abbas immediately following surgery, and he’s now able to wear them and see clearly. Abbas is very happy to have his eyesight restored to full capacity and we’re happy too!

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