• Hajj Niyabah – £26,000 Raised!

    Hajj Niyabah – £26,000 Raised!

    Following on from its success last year, the Hajj Niyabah Scheme returned this year to raise money for the Noor Orphans Fund Housing Project. We gave everyone the opportunity to have a mustahabb (recommended) hajj performed on their behalf, or on the behalf of any living or deceased brother or sister, for a £50 donation to the Noor Orphans Fund Housing Project. For every £50 donation one name would be specifically mentioned by Ayatollah Sayyid Fadhil Milani or Sheikh Mohammed al-Hilli in their niyyahs as they performed the hajj niyabah.

    We’re delighted to say that this year we surpassed all precedents and raised £26,000 for the Housing Project, with over 500 names mentioned in the niyyahs. This is a truly fantastic result, we all having raised enough money to build an entire house for an orphaned family. We’d like to thank everyone who donated, as well as Sayyid Fadhil and Sheikh Mohammed for agreeing to participate in this scheme.

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