• Hajj On Your Behalf

    Hajj On Your Behalf

    UPDATE: The deadline for submitting names has been extended to 1PM 5th of September!

    Following on from its success last year, the Hajj Niyabah scheme returns this year to raise funds for the Noor Orphans Fund Housing Project. This year both Ayatullah Sayyid Fadhil Milani and Sheikh Mohammed al-Hilli have agreed to perform mustahabb (recommended) hajj niyabah on behalf of any living or deceased brother or sister. To increase blessings and thawab, we ask that for each name to be specifically mentioned by Sayyid Fadhil and Sheikh Mohammed in their niyyahs a donation of £50 be made to the Housing Project, and the deadline for submitting names is Saturday the 3rd of September. You can donate by visiting our donation page here and selecting ‘Housing Project’.

    Click here to donate now!

    We have been making great strides with the Housing Project recently, which is dedicated to building houses for orphaned families living in dilapidated conditions in Iraq, but there is always more we can do to help.

    If you would like to take part in this scheme, after you have made the donation please send the name(s) of those for whom you would like Sayyid Fadhil or Sheikh Mohammed to perform mustahabb hajj niyabah by email to info@noororphansfund.org, or via SMS / WhatsApp message to 07983569151. We pray that God accepts the deeds of all the hujjaj and alleviates the sufferings of the poor and needy orphans.

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