• Happy Mawlid Nabawi

    Happy Mawlid Nabawi

    On behalf of all of us at Noor Orphans Fund we would like to congratulate you on the birth anniversary of the best human being to ever walk this earth.  Being an orphan himself, he was fully aware of the pain of growing up without his parents as his father, Abdullah died just before he was born, and his mother Amina sadly passed away when he was only six years of age.  The Holy Prophet indeed had a regard for children (and orphans especially), that we should all be trying to emulate.  The blessed wet-nurse of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Halima, witnessed first-hand the benefits to her when she reared him and his birth is certainly a time of great celebration and happiness for us all.

    A man who awakened the Muslim intellect and was relentless in not only his pursuit of knowledge, but in teaching it to as many students as possible was also born on this sanctified day.  Our Holy sixth Imam, Jafar as Sadiq (pbuh) was instrumental in establishing classes in worldly and religious sciences, religious law and a variety of other subjects.  He conveyed this knowledge to no less than 4000 students and to this day, we are still discovering knowledge conferred from him over a thousand years ago.

    Both of these noble personalities are a source of strength and contentment for us and we celebrate today with joy and hope in our hearts.

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