• House of Hope and Hajj Niyabah

    House of Hope and Hajj Niyabah

    The House of Hope programme was born out the desperate need for a place to live that many orphaned families face. In Iraq, local governments have allocated land to orphaned families, and while this is a great first step, without the resources to build on that land, it isn’t much use. This is where House of Hope comes in – our programme works to raise funds to build houses for the orphaned families, each house costing around £13,000.

    Within the House of Hope project we’ve just undertaken a fantastic scheme in which Shaykh Mohammed al-Hilli agreed to perform mustahabb Hajj Niyabah on behalf of any living or deceased brother or sister who had already completed their waajib Hajj. In return for having their name specifically mentioned in Shaykh Mohammed’s niyyah, we asked for each participant to donate £50 to the House of Hope programme. We’re delighted to say that 230 people took part, raising a total of £11,500. This is truly an amazing result. We’d like to say a big thank you to all those who donated – within the space of a week we managed to raise almost enough money to build an entire house. At this very moment Shaykh Mohammed is in Mecca performing the Hajj Niyabah – our prayers are with him and with all those who participated in this scheme.

    To read more about House of Hope follow this link:


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