• House of Hope

    House of Hope

    The House of Hope initiative began in May 2015 when we were made aware of the tragic circumstances surrounding orphan Ali Hashim Ghuban and his family. The family of five, having been plunged into poverty with the loss of their father and breadwinner, were left destitute and homeless. The local government in Karbala allocated a plot of land for them to live on, but though this was doubtless an admirable and generous move, without the funds to build on it the land wasn’t much use. The land remained barren and undeveloped, and Ali Hashim’s family remained homeless. Thanks to some generous donations made to the family, construction work was able to begin, but unfortunately the funds ran out half-way through and the family was left with a half-built house and still nowhere to live.

    When we heard of this we determined to raise enough money to complete the construction work, and House of Hope was born. The plan was originally to complete the house to minimum requirements, but such was the outpouring of sympathy towards Ali Hashim and his family that the donors insisted we do more. We managed to reach our target of £6,000 and construction work on the house continued. As soon as the roof was built the family moved in, even though the rest of the house was still under construction, since they had nowhere else to go. We are very pleased to announce that this very week the final touches are being put on the house and Ali Hashim’s family finally have a proper house in which to live.

    Even though we have put a lid on this saga, the House of Hope initiative is not over. There are still many other orphaned families who are homeless and in desperate need of a place to live. We will continue striving, with your help, to build homes for the homeless, and bring hope to the hopeless.

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