• Iftar Campaign 2016

    Iftar Campaign 2016

    Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like his.” Prophet Muhammed (s)

    As the holy month of Ramadhan approaches, when we’ll be fasting throughout the long daylight hours, let us remember the suffering of those poor, orphaned families in Iraq who’ll also be fasting, but won’t even be able to afford bread to break their fasts. Such is their poverty that often these families can go for whole days without food. Whilst we enjoy our iftars during this month of giving, can’t we do something to feed these poor, deprived orphans?

    This Ramadhan the Noor Orphans Fund Iftar Campaign returns to alleviate the sufferings of orphaned families with your help! For just £100 you can purchase a special ‘Iftar Hamper’, which contains staple foods such as meat, rice, milk, eggs and much more, that will sustain an orphaned family for the whole month.

    Click here to visit our JustGiving campaign page!

    With this campaign we want to feed 600 orphaned families for the whole month, making our target £60,000. With your help we know we can make it! You can donate here via JustGiving, or you can donate by text. Simply text “IFTR14 £10” to 70070 to contribute £10 to this cause.

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