• A Brilliant Iftar Campaign

    A Brilliant Iftar Campaign

     “Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like his.” Prophet Muhammed (s)

    This Ramadhan those immortal words from the Holy Prophet echoied in our hearts whilst we pursued the Noor Orphans Fund Iftar Campaign 2016. As the blessed month drew near we entreated our brothers and sisters in faith to remember that while they would be fasting throughout the long daylight hours, there would also be those poor, orphaned families in Iraq who would also be fasting, but unable to even afford bread with which to break their fasts. Such was their poverty that very often those families could go for whole days without food. And whilst we were enjoying out iftars during Ramadan, the month of mercy, could we really stand by and not to anything to alleviate the sufferings of those poor, deprived orphans? Of course not!

    So, we embarked upon the noble task of raising funds for our Iftar Campaign. The aim of the project was to ensure that every orphaned family on our register would receive an ‘Iftar Hamper’ which contained a variety of staple foods such as meat, rice, milk, eggs and much more, and that would sustain each family for the whole month. At the beginning of the month we asked donors to donate £100 in order to feed a family for the whole of Ramadan – then, as we reached the halfway point, we asked for £50 for the latter half of the month, and finally for £35 to feed a family for the last ten days.

    We’re proud to say that you donated very generously, whether it was to support an orphaned family for the whole month or just for the final ten days, and we raised a grand total of over £35,000. This was a fantastic result and we managed to feed hundreds of families, distributing over 30 tonnes of food over the course of the blessed month

    Ramadhan2016-Foodstuff Chart

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