• In Memory of Sundus Ibrahim

    In Memory of Sundus Ibrahim

    We are very saddened to hear the news that Sundus Ibrahim, one of our most earnest representatives and volunteers in Iraq, has passed away. She was an exceedingly kind and generous person, giving of her own time to help alleviate the sufferings of Iraq’s orphans, and despite her ongoing battle with cancer she managed to personally support five orphans.

    Sundus was no stranger to adversity – in the year 2000 she was incarcerated as a political prisoner when she tried to escape the tyranny of the then incumbent Ba’thi regime. After her release from prison, and upon discovering the Noor Orphans Fund, she did her utmost to reach out to the remotest regions. She was intensely aware of the poor, orphaned families living in remote, rural areas who couldn’t afford to travel to the cities where charitable foundations are located and were thus overlooked. Thanks to her efforts many of these families are now supported by Noor Orphans Fund. Such was the love and fondness that the orphaned families had for her that many of them made a special effort to be present at her memorial service (fatiha) in order to pay their respects.

    We would like request you all to please recite Surat al-Fatiha for the soul of Sundus Ibrahim.

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