• NOF and the Noor Trust

    NOF and the Noor Trust

    As some of you may know, the Noor Orphans Fund is a subsidiary of the Noor Trust, which is a registered charity in England and Wales. The Noor Orphans Fund originally began as a scheme within Noor Youth, the youth-focused division of Noor Trust. The idea was to foster the spirit of charity and generosity amongst the youth by encouraging them to sponsor individual orphans in Iraq, either by themselves or by clubbing together to sponsor an orphan collectively. From there the orphan sponsorship scheme snowballed, with more and more people wanting to sponsor orphans, and not just from amongst the youth. Over the years Noor Orphans Fund has expanded and diversified, becoming its own subsidiary of Noor Trust, distinct from Noor Youth, dedicated to supporting the orphans of Iraq in as many ways as possible.

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