• NOF at the Arba’een Procession

    NOF at the Arba’een Procession

    At the Arba`een procession which took place last Sunday the 6th of December at Marble Arch, Noor Orphans Fund had a stall from which we promoted our cause to the mourners and to the general public alike. Thousands of Muslims took to the street this year to demonstrate their grief, whilst making a bold statement against terrorism and Daesh (ISIS), showing the public at large how Muslims are as horrified and disgusted by the barbaric acts of terrorism as everyone else. This story even made its way into the newspapers! We at Noor Orphans Fund were right there with them, showing that the true values of Islam are ones of charity, tolerance and understanding. At Noor Orphans we are dedicated to supporting the orphans of Iraq, regardless of ethnicity or religion. All orphans are equally deserving of our help and support.

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