• Syed Akram is back!!!

    Syed Akram is back!!!

    Nothing stops this guy!  Once again, our very own running champ Syed Akram is running a whopping 85km from Najaf to Karbala this coming Arbaeen! We still don’t know how he does this but we can see where he gets his motivation from. This time he has chosen to raise money for the family of Zainab who has been split up from her siblings following the death of her father a few months back, and her sadly bedridden mother. Her siblings have been split up amongst various family members in different cities, unable to see each other.  They are living in squalid conditions and desperately need our help.  Syed Akram’s goal is to raise £30,000 so that we can build a house for the whole family to stay together with their mother and move on from the terrible blow they have received.  Please donate as much as you possibly can in this Holy month to help him reach his noble and worthwhile goal.

    Allah sbt says in holy Quran, “Those who spend in charity will be richly awarded” (57:10).


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