• Syed Akram is Training Night and Day

    Syed Akram is Training Night and Day

    Syed Akram is training night and day to prepare for the immense task that faces him this Arba’een, when he’ll be running from Najaf to Karbala in just 14 hours. He’ll be making the 80km journey to raise money for orphans in Iraq on behalf of Noor Orphans Fund – visit the dedicated JustGiving campaign page to support him in his noble endeavour:

    JustGiving – Syed Akram’s N2K Run

    He’s raising money for the Noor Orphans Fund Education Scheme, which helps impoverished orphans stay at school and complete their education. Too often orphans are excluded from school because their poverty means they can’t afford the requisite uniforms and stationery. By providing them with these basic amenities we ensure that the orphans can stay at school and build brighter futures for themselves. Click here to read more.

    In honour of the fourteen infallibles, Syed Akram’s targets are all connected to the number 14. He will be making the 80km journey in 14 hours, raising £14,000 which will go to support 1,400 orphans. Donate now to help him reach these targets. You can now also donate by text – to do so just text “SYED14 £10″ to donate £10, or “SYED14 £5″ to donate £5, to 70070.

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