• Syed Akram Raised Over £13,000

    Syed Akram Raised Over £13,000

    Syed Akram’s campaign is now at an end. Over the last few months he has been using his run from Najaf to Karbala at Arba’een to raise money for Noor Orphans Fund Education Scheme and at last the campaign is over. He was very close to reaching his target of £14,000, only falling shy of it by less than £600. We cannot diminish the greatness of his achievement, having raised a total of £13,420 for Iraqi orphans, accomplishing more than 95% of his target. Any way you look at it, this is a fantastic result. We are full of gratitude and admiration for Syed Akram’s incessant efforts, and for all the kind and generous people who donated. We hope that next time we’ll raise even more money and support even more orphans

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