• Syed Akram Runs to Karbala

    Syed Akram Runs to Karbala

    In order to raise money for Noor Orphans Fund, Syed Akram has undertaken to run the 80km journey from Masjid Imam Ali in Najaf to Masjid Imam Hussain in Karbala during Arba’een. Whereas people usually take two days to walk this journey, Syed Akram is determined to do it in under 14 hours. He’ll be raising money for the Noor Orphans Fund Education Scheme, which ensures that as many orphans as possible have access to a good education so that can build better prospects for themselves, creating brighter futures and moving on from the tragedy of their childhoods.

    The wars and violence in Iraq have left so many children parentless, unable to support themselves, and without your help their prospects are bleak. Please follow this link to the JustGiving campaign page and help Syed Akram reach his target:

    JustGiving – Syed Akram Runs to Karbala

    “I decided to do this run in order to raise as much money as possible for the orphans of Iraq. As an orphan myself, I feel that I want to take some action and do something positive to alleviate their sufferings.” – Syed Akram

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