• Thank You from Ahmad Najat Ali

    Thank You from Ahmad Najat Ali

    Allow me to start this letter with warm greetings,noting emphatically that you are among the dearest people on Earth to my heart, beginning with your local representative Hajj Hashem, right up to all those working at your graceful organisation, as well as the donors who make all this charitable giving possible.

    Words of thanks are not sufficient to express my gratitude for the care and support that I have received, all of which have enabled me to reach this relatively advanced stage in my studies.

    I come from a poor family which has three members. I was in the first year of primary school when I lost my father in 2006. Our circumstances as a family were dire to say the least, and my mother was left bewildered and unable to cope, until the Noor Orphans Fund (NOF)came along and sponsored me while I was in the second year.

    Subsequent to that (by about one year), NOF started sponsoring my sister Fatima, who was then in the fifth year of the primary school. Fatima is now studying law at university and reached year 4, while all the support from NOF remains intact.

    Your local representative has shown sympathy and understanding throughout, including assistance with medical care. My mother has a kidney problem, as she continues to live (rather precariously) with only one kidney. Also, I suffer from poor eyesight. Hajj Hashemhas been standing with us all the way, helping us with living expenses, as well as medical care. I recently went to Najaf to seek medical attention with my vision, and this again was facilitated by NOF.

    Hence, your favours on us have been multi-various, and hard to enumerate. In fact, since the start of my sponsorship, I have been feeling that I have a true extended family. Whatever I requested from Hajj Hashem, by way of clothing, stationary items, school requirements and medicines, he would respond positively. I would not say that Hajj Hashecompensated fully for my late father’s parental love and care, but he certainly plugged a major gap in this respect, and we do thank him, as well as NOF, for all this kindness.

    Currently, I am in the first year at the University of Kirkuk reading English. The financial and other support from your fund is continuing, including the help with transport. It is no secret that we as a family were flabbergasted over the cost of transport from home to college, until we received the initiative from your Fund, whereby this cost was met by the Fund – much to our relief.

    After all this, will a word of thanks be enough? I will continue to pray to Allah Almighty to reward you fully for such good deeds. Also, I promise to exert all possible effort to excel in my studies, so as to attain your goal – as well as mine – for successful graduation and high grades.

    Finally, please accept my best wishes and highest regards, and May Allah Bless you.

    Yours sincere son

    AhmaNajat Ali

    December 6, 2018

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