• The Day of Arba’een

    The Day of Arba’een

    Forty days have passed since Ashura, forty sunsets with the length of forty blood-red dawns, and again we have gathered to commemorate Imam Hussain (a), his family and companions, and most particularly those who survived the battle of Karbala. At this time we remember the trials and tribulations of Imam al-Sajjad (a) and Sayyida Zaineb (a) as they were ignominiously paraded through the streets of Kufa and Damascus, and their painful return to the land of Karbala.

    Millions of pilgrims have made their way to Karbala on foot, imitating the long, sorrowful journey Sayyida Zaineb took. Right now Karbala is teeming with mourners, all intent on expressing their grief over the tragic events that befell Ahl al-Bayt (a), and they are joined the world over by hundreds of millions others.

    Though Arba’een marks the end of our period of mourning over the eevnts of Karbala, we should never forget Imam Hussain’s sacrifice and what it is that he died for. He said that all he wanted was to enjoin the good and to stand against evil – if we are truly followers of Imam Hussain and Ahl al-Bayt let us carry this sentiment in our hearts all the year round. We should always remember why Imam Hussain and his companions died at Karbala, and why the survivors of the battle endured such suffering afterwards. Let us also remember the many people who continue to suffer today, and the orphans of Iraq, whose suffering is beyond measure and whom it is our duty to support.

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