holding_plant Our mission is to give hope of a brighter tomorrow to the disadvantaged orphans and their families in Iraq, by way of financial, motivational and practical support. We continue to increase the number of orphans whom we serve, as well as raising the level of support in quantity and quality.

It is unacceptable in this day and age to allow orphaned children to suffer under dire conditions, especially in a country like Iraq which in essence is fairly abundant with resources, while many Iraqis are ready to donate and assist the millions of hapless children who lost their bread-winner through no fault of their own.

Our mission includes:

    • Providing funds towards the living expenses of orphans and their families, regardless of gender or ethnic background.
    • Relieving financial hardships amongst orphaned children and their families, by providing them with essential goods and services that they could not otherwise afford.
    • Building up awareness of the increasing numbers of impoverished orphans in the world and calling upon those with the means to help contribute what they can, while we do our level best to channel what is available to the sick, needy and the disadvantaged members of society, especially the young.
    • Building up awareness of the capacity for ordinary people to make a difference in the lives of desperate children.
    • Cooperating with and supporting organisations and individuals working for orphans and their families in the UK and overseas, promoting the education and health of orphan children and preventing or minimising their poverty.