“Whoever looks after an orphan (who is unable to attain out help) and supports him in attaining knowledge from our teachings until he is guided through it, Allah has said to him: “Oh generous and supportive servant, I will show you my generosity. Oh angels, make for him in Paradise a thousand palaces for every letter he helped teach, and fill them with that which is most befitting from all of our bounties.” - Imam Hussain (a), Munyat al-Mureed, p. 15.


Our Education scheme was launched in the summer of 2013.  We know that by helping the orphans to educate themselves they will ultimately be able to confidently emerge out of their cyclical poverty and see a better future for themselves and their families.  Though public schools are funded by the government in Iraq, families who rely on sponsorships and donations for their existence often struggle to send their children to school due to their inability to afford stationery costs, uniforms and transport to and from school.

The resultant effect is that orphans often don’t go to school or drop out.  Some are made to work to support their family and thus the cycle of poverty and strife goes on.

With your help we can make a difference

By raising money to pay for uniforms, stationery, transport costs and tuition, we can ensure that orphans have the chance that every child deserves – access to an education and thus better future prospects for themselves and their family.  Donate today and choose ‘Education Support programme’ in the donation type box if you would like to support orphans with their educational needs.

Past results

kidsstudentsLast year saw tremendous results for many of our pupils.  Many of the orphans we supported benefited particularly from private tuition and were hence able to do very well in their exams.  One year’s tuition will cost £300 per subject.

How you can help:

Here we outline the costs the orphans face in receiving their education so you can choose how you wish to help them:

Stationery and clothes:

£20 per year for a student to attend school .

Tuition and general allowance:

£300 per year for tuition per subject.
£400 per year for a general allowance.

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