Ziyarah Niyabah in the Shrine of Imam Hussain

We often think of making plans to travel to Karbala, so as to perform the blessed visit (Ziyarah) to the holy shrines of Imam Hussain, Abu-e-Fadhel el-Abbas and other great martyrs in that city.
This wish becomes pressing in a special way when the month of Muharram approaches, or during the month itself. However, not all of us have the good fortune to make these visits, or our circumstances might not be conducive.
Hence, Noor Orphans Fund (NOF) has worked out a scheme whereby believers (Mumineen) can attain the sought-after rewards (thawab) of these blessed visits (ziyarah).
By donating the mediocre sum of £20, the ziyarah can be done on your behalf by a widow. Also, the ziyarah can be performed in the name of a person whom you love or trust, such as an aged relative, or someone who is sick or incapacitated.
In fact, the relevant person could have passed away, as the ziyarah will be performed specifically in the name of a specific person.
Hence, this is a valuable opportunity to offer assistance to needy orphans, cultivating in them a sense of importance by doing something charitable, as well as improving their circumstances and overcoming their hardship.

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Niyaba / Proxy Services


Niyaba/Proxy Services
Many people who are very much in need are unwilling to receive donations from others without providing a service in return. However they don’t have much to offer, apart form their time and energy to undertake acts of worship on behalf of those who have died, or people who are too sick or unable to undertake the necessary effort to travel to Karbala.
Our Niyaba/Proxy service was launched to help those in need, as well as to assist our loved ones, whether they are living or have passed away.
This service will also help those who have missed some of their wajib prayers, fasting or Hajj. The less fortunate families are willing to perform the following acts of worship on behalf of departed loved ones, or living persons who are sick/incapacitated, or those unable to travel to Karbala:
❯ Daily prayers (wajib)
❯ Fasting (wajib)
❯ Entire Quran recitation (mustahabb)
❯ Umra (mustahabb)

The set fees for these acts of worship are as follows:

Worship Fee Duration
Daily prayers 450 USD 1 year
Fasting 320 USD 1 month
Entire Qur'an recitation 50 GBP -
Umra 100 GBP Seasonal
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