Orphan Sponsorship is the backbone of our work at Noor Orphans Fund. We are passionate about sponsorship, because this is what makes a difference between a good reasonable living, on the one hand, and miserable existence (or even death) on the other – for many Iraqi orphans today.

Programme Structure:

At the start of each month, £25 is transferred to the orphan’s legal guardian, to cover their needs for food and other basic living expenses. Not a penny is spent on administration costs.

We currently sponsor over 2300 orphans throughout cities across Iraq. Each orphan is individually selected and reviewed by our representatives, in order to assess their particular requirements and their need for support. We take care to focus on those who need help most.

Before taking them onto our register, we carefully assess their age, level of education, living conditions and family particulars. These details help us to understand the individual needs of each orphan, and they are regularly reviewed to ensure that donations reach the children who most require assistance.

Our offices within Iraq undertake the role of assessing the eligibility of new orphans to enter our register. They also keep track of each sponsored orphan and evaluate the profile of their families.

The fun extras!

We like to encourage our sponsors to send extra donations during Eid (Islamic feast) or their sponsored orphans’ birthdays, and at the start of the school year. Orphans greatly appreciate receiving greetings and/or presents on these occasions, as all this makes them feel appreciated, and enhance their outlook about the world around them.

 We also like to encourage our sponsors to remain in touch with their sponsored orphans (via mail, phone etc.), as this can encourage them to aim higher, excel in their studies and thus make positive advances in their lives.

Sponsor an Orphan