This is a simple project designed to activate and encourage benevolent giving (Sadaqa), so as to distribute receipts to those in need.
Our first and foremost priority is given to orphans, their families, and other persons living in poverty-stricken areas, as well as individuals who suffer debilitating conditions, rendering them dependent on others for support, e.g. the disabled or chronically ill.
We are on the receiving end of many cases of poor individuals requiring surgical operations or other types of medical treatment. Many of these individuals happen to be orphans, widows, disabled people, or very old or permanently sick.
We receive details of these cases through our representatives in Iraq, and we take it upon ourselves to evaluate them on a case-by-case basis, so as to provide the necessary assistance as far as resources permit.
In practice, we – as ordinary people – often overlook the value of small change! A variety of coins could be lying around or jingling in our pockets.
Although a few pennies may not make a significant difference to the life of most people, they could be valuable to those who are needy, sick, infirm, or living under deprived and destitute circumstances.
We can send you a Sadaqa box for free today, please contact us..