At Noor Orphans Fund, we aim high.

Our central goal is to provide our sponsored orphans with a chance for normal and healthy living. While food, shelter and clothing are essential, we also take it upon ourselves to provide our orphans with educational support, to help them become independent and confident members of society with the ability to sustain themselves and their families.

Financial, motivational and practical support are fundamental to what we do. We thus envisage increasing the number of orphans whom we look after over the months and years ahead, as well as enhancing our care and assistance to them, in line with the level of resources provided by our expanding body of donors.

In the past, we have implemented housing projects, in order to provide decent accommodation to our orphans and their families. We have also provided medical care in special cases where this was necessary, as well as financial assistance to renovate homes and tackle deficiencies in accommodation.

Currently, we are planning to implement a major centre on the outskirts of Karbala. The design of this Centre (Noor Centre for Educational Excellence) includes primary and secondary schools, a wellness centre, skill-training and other related facilities.

As resources become available, we intend to enlarge our services to orphans, widows and their families, in terms of both quantity and quality. Indeed, our vision is to become a major provider of assistance to orphans and their families, not merely in term of direct financial help, but also in other areas, including education support, clothing, healthcare, and general advice and guidance.